Many children don't live safely in their own homes.
These children are scared, feel forgotten and often blame themselves for the difficulties at home.
In this film it is the father who beats mother. The boy Boj is the witness. To see somebody being
mistreated can do much more harm than we know. Many of these children put the blame on
themselves and feel a terrible responsibility for what is happening in the home.
Many believe that this is only happening in their own family and doesn't dare to talk about it to
anybody. It is a super secret. Many are often threatened to be killed if the secret slips out.
In some cases it is that bad.
Both the book and the film "Angry Man" is made to make this subject more known so it can be debated.
The secrets must be known. All adults have to make sure that nobody is afraid at home.
We have to dear to tell.
The film is also ment for those who are violent. Nobody wishes to be violent.
But if this film can help just a few to take the step to seek help, to confess that they have a problem,
it would be more respectful than just continuing in a bad circle you don't see any end to.
Many is walking around with an angry man inside, or an angry woman.

Interview with the Norwegian King
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Interview and premiere of the film.
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