I was asked to animate a babys psyical developement from birth to the moment when
it is up on its own two feet. All this in 1 ½ minutes.

I was contacted by three excellent physioterapists (and mothers to 13 children) who in addition to their
work were making their third educational film.
This was a fantastic rehearsal for me, to study the movements of a small child.
I hadn't children of my own at that moment in time but is has been fun to recognize the different stages
since I have become a mother of 4.

First a pretty helpless child with uncontrollable movements. The head must be held by an adult. To look
is important. On its belly the child tries to lift its head, unhappy turn overs, then before it crawls the child
pushes itself in circles; the crawling also moves backwards in the beginning and the child needs
comfort and support, why not with a ball. Up on all 4, swaying, stretch its back, coordinate both legs
and arms. Rising, with the use of holding on to something, a favorite when it's time to sit down again...
to walk along something, holding on.
Many fall downs, good that the legs are short...

Then my animation moves into the everyday life of a family which many recognizes, and my job
is done.

The film is about 50 minutes and is a an introduction to further conversations. I think this commision
is the start for my own thoughts about what film can be, to be more than just to entertain.

It's a lot of things us regular people don't think about, but the physioterapists study us with the eye of
a falcon. They can discover alot just by looking at the little one who's moving about.
It was alot of talk about how we use the body to express ourselves. I have had alot of joy and use for
this knowledge later, in other films. I think it is always exciting to just examine and study how people
act and then it will never be boring with "waiting time".