”Lävrasiid Äigi” is the Sami title and means "a time during autumn".

In the beginning I wanted to make an animated film about the American Natives.
But the book Trekways of the Wind 1994), by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, turned my attention to making a
film about "our own indians"; the Samis.
I read lots of stories before I found the book "Daughter of the Sun", written by Marry Ailoieida Somby.
"A time during autumn" sounded good to me who thinks the melancoly of the fall is nature, tales and

The film is in the tradition of the epic story containing long scenes with music, joik and nature as the main
elements. Musician and composer Roger Ludvigsen has composed the score and together with the rest of
the sound it is an important element of the film. I wanted to work with Ludvigsen after hearing the CD
Orbina (1993). The actors are Samis and has recorded the voices in both the North Sami language
and in Norwegian.

The film is mainly cut out animation made on multiplans. Both backgrounds, foregrounds and the
figures moves more than I intentionally imagined. In some scenes it is up to 10 layers of glass plates
that gives depht to the images.
Since the film is made as my master degree assignment at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, I
have experimented alot with the technique and I tried out alot of different materials.
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