Film with a message:
Through the years I've been more and more aware of that my projects should have a proper message
so it would feel right to spend years to create some tiny minutes of film.

There are alot of good and nicely done animation around but often I think that the content is too futile.
I just want to be inspired and moved. The animation filmmaker Inni Karine Melbye has said: "Animation at
its best isn't when my mouth laughs, but when my soul smiles". I think that is nicely put.

I see that film can and should be more than entertainment and I think that it is exciting to aim for greater
depht in the projects so we all can learn something new. It is of comfort to be able to combine artistic
film with important issues. The issues shouldn't just be sad or heavy. But if the audience are moved it
can open up for a good conversations or the feeling of heaving learned or experienced something important.

Film for children
I primarily want to work with film for children that also should inspire the adults. Children are vounerable
and are easily affected and that's why filmmakers should have a great responsibility as conveyors,
messengers and educators.
Quality film for children are sadly often of lesser priority than artistic films for adults which is of abundance.
Northern Europe is in this case quite good on film for children thanks to different grants and support
which is almost nill in many countries.
I think that it is exciting with animation film with not too much dialogue. It is good when film can be film
and not an adapted radio play.

I am also excited about epic/lyrical films that sometimes move slowly, but are beautiful and gives space
to let the audience think for themselves. My strongest film memory is when I was at a conference with
one of the most skillful animators in Stockholm in 1989: Juri Norstein from Moscow. I saw his work in
multiplan technique which has inspired me since. See a film treasure at YouTube: "Hedgehog in the Fog"