High school: 1984-88
- 3 years at Oppegård high school graphic drawing and decorative moulding.
- 1 year at Bjørknes private school (to get study points for higher education).

Higher education: 1988-95
- 3 years graphic design and illustration at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO)
- 2 years of animation + third year of documentary at Volda University College
- 2 years master degree at graphic institute at KHiO, with main focus on animation.

Already at the age of 17 I had a wish to move from Ski to Dovre in Gudbrandsdalen to take over a
mountain farm which had been in our family for a long time. My uncle Erland had no children, but lots of
cows. I dreamt about doing animation in the stable. But before I came to Dovre I got myself a Dovre
boyfriend who wanted to continue with having cows. That's why we still produce milk and film productions
at the farm, and our logo just had to be a cow...

When doing my practise in the advertising industry during the yuppie era (1985) I realized that face value
and smirking alone couldn't make my dream about making animation film come true.
That's why I decided to aim for a higher education, being safe and solid in what I wanted to do... be my own
boss... so I could be able to produce what I wanted.

Relevant and thorough education was the road towards the goal, but just as valuable was the support I
received from home and everything I learned as a 16-17 year old at Oppegård high school, graphic class,
which was really fantastic.