As an adult I have realized that my whole life has been a long learning process when it comes to the
job that I have today.

It has been alot of drawing, stiching, carpentering and other modeling work up through the years.
My mother is an educated modeling teacher from the "old school" where everything needed to be
precise. I remember well that I started out stiching closed objects, as in pictures and teddies.
I inherited a Singer with a wheel (without electricity) and I used it often.

At the address Atriumveien 7B at Ski in Akershus we had a working bench in the kitchen and the smell
of woodwork was more present than the smell of exotic food. My mothers family from Dovre had a long
tradition of wood craftmanship, especially wood carving and I inherited that interest from my mom.
When I was 10 she went to a wood carving and furniture modeling school at Hjerleid, Dovre. Me and my
sister came along and we got our first taste of Dovre.

All this have perhaps ment more for me than I have previously thought of.

Today I realize that hours of decorating school books and boots, stiched mushrooms (see a picture of it on the
next page) etc... not has been a waste of time.
Not to mention my manic collecting habit up though the years.
Everything can be used and I don't know what to throw away...