With 3 glass plates (50 x 40 cm) and some big toiletpaper rolls we made our first, but also
perfectly OK multiplanstand. 4 rolls per glass plate, one at each corner, made the distance between the
glass plates perfect for our hands to animated between them.

We needed a main light on each side, about 45 degrees on the glass plate that should be mostly lit.
(We took care of not getting reflections into the camera.) A torch light was used to follow the ball
down into the nest. Some unstable light can be a challenge... It is exciting to try out different lighting,
with different filters in front. The light sources can also be animated to get for instance shadows
to move about.

Triin Sarapik from Nukufilm in Estonia was a guest teacher in Volda and she was a good help for us
get the animation started. I think it is always scary to start the animation process. (4 students from
Volda got their work exchange for 14 days at Nukufilm. There we got to know the animator Triin and we
experienced professional multiplanstands.)

14 years later when I was about to start filming "Angry Man" Triin came to Dovre for some months to
animate and to get me going on my project. When each film takes several years to make it can hamper
the urge to animate.
Triin and her husband Märt Kivi are the animators on "The King who Wanted More than a Crown"