We weren't allowed to adopt a story and had to write one ourselves.
About the same time MTV announced a new competition where the criteria was to make 30 seconds
of animation about how to take better care of the planet.

We were at the time very much into Eastern European animation, not American.
I think that was the main reason of how this story got told.
We thought it was exciting to draw upon the time it gets for something that is thrown up in the air,
for then to let it land again. We wanted the entire story to unfold within this time frame.
(The film turned into 4 minutes and never made it to any MTV competitions.)

Multiplancutout was (and still is) inspired by my great mentor, the Russian animation filmmaker
Jurij Norstein
. The Film Hedgehog in the Fog made me fall in love with this teqnique + that both me
and Hege had a crush for graphical techniques as lithography and drypoint etc that both of us were lucky to
try out at the art school before it was too late. The design is based upon this. We made tiny drawings
and copied them bigger upon cells. Nice graphical structures occured plus that we could scrape and
colorize these cells.

Hege and me have since collaborated several times. Hege was the main designer on "The King that
Wanted More than a Crown" and has made posters and folders for both "The Hedge of Torns" and
"Angry Man".